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Action Against Foxhunting  (AAF) Members’ Charter

Purpose of AAF

AAF is dedicated to exposing the extent and brutality of illegal foxhunting.


AAF is run by an Executive Committee consisting of the founders and  other high-profile members of the group. All decisions are taken by the Executive Committee. Pip Donovan is chair of the committee and can be reached on

Local AAF groups are run by a nominated coordinator. The nominated coordinator takes all the local decisions, with advice from the Executive Committee.  All local groups must abide by this charter. We also support other local non-AAF local groups (named on our website) whose activities are similar to ours and ask them to abide by this charter too

Core Values

AAF is an entirely peaceful organisation. We do not condone violence or abuse of any sort. Everything we do, or say when on AAF business must be done with courtesy and respect. 

 Activities of AAF

Door-to-door leafleting

Outreach stalls in public places

Information talks to other organisations

Local and national petitions



Membership is open to anybody willing to further the objectives of AAF.

Membership is not open to anybody engaged in recreational animal cruelty.

An AAF Member is:

Everyone who belongs to the AAF Closed Group for Active Volunteers

Everyone who holds a banner or poster in a public place displaying the AAF Logo

Anyone who delivers or displays AAF leaflets

Anyone engaged in furthering the objectives of AAF

Member’s Behaviour

When acting on behalf of AAF, members must:

Always be polite

Never use obscenities in public

Never use body-shaming language

Never use hate speech against anybody at all

Never make threats of physical violence 

Never bring AAF into disrepute by their behaviour or actions.

Never frighten hunters’ horses, or the hounds, or cause harm to any animal belonging to the hunt or threaten such harm.

Never initiate physical contact of any sort with members of the hunt

 Never respond to abuse from members of the hunt

Never use face coverings while on AAF business

 These rules apply on line and in person.

 Reporting Incidents

When acting on behalf of AAF, members MUST report hunt-related incidents  towards people and animals to the police and inform Pip as soon as possible at 

 Breach of these Rules

The AAF Executive Committee needs to be informed if you think you may have breached the rules.

A member might be asked to leave AAF immediately if the breach is serious. However, the member will have an opportunity to explain the circumstances. If the member can assure the Executive Committee that it will not happen again, the member may be allowed to remain a member.