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We welcome everybody on our group if they object to fox hunting and want to get more actively involved. We also welcome anyone who is already active.


What do we mean by getting “more actively involved”?  

The standard ways are straightforward. We have various groups around the country and we hold outreach stalls in public places. You can join us on the stalls to help give out leaflets and get signatures on our petitions. If there isn’t a group near you, you might like to start with a bit of leafleting. We have a variety of leaflets available. You can either download them yourself and print them, or ask us to send you some. A donation is always welcome for the leaflets, but if that’s a problem, just let us know. You don’t have to be a member of AAF to get leaflets. Here’s the link for the leaflets.  

However, if none of these is for you, there are other ways of getting involved. If you are a writer, researcher, graphic designer, any good at all with computers etc, or can make videos, we would love to hear from you. We are sure that there are other skills out there we could use, but we haven’t thought of how yet. Whatever you are good at, let us know. 


How do I join AAF?  

If you would like to join us on our stalls, get leafleting or set up your own group, please ask to join our Volunteers Closed Group on Facebook. It can take a couple of weeks for us to approve your membership. Given the nature of what we do, we have to check people out very carefully. Here is the link. 

We’ll send you a friendship request from one of our admin and when you accept, we can get going. A few questions will also pop up which you’ll need to answer. 

If you’re not on Facebook, but would like to get involved anyway, please email Pip at Tell us a bit about yourself and what you would like to do.

Where are the existing groups? 

Click on the link below to see them.

How can I start an AAF group myself? 

Email Pip at  for more information.



 What’s it like to be a member of AAF? Three of our volunteers tell us.













Carolyn says:

I’d been against fox hunting for 30 years and more. Before the ban, my activism comprised of scowling at my local hunt and writing to my MP urging a change to the law.

After the ban, I began independently monitoring my local hunts and supplying film to the Cheshire Police, along with trying to educate the public as and when I could in an informal way. It was a lonely undertaking and hard to see what impact I was having.

Then I was invited to join AAF and suddenly I had a “go to place”, not merely to get information but also for support and friendship from like minded people. And also for the occasional rant, which in this battle we all need occasionally! My activism became more structured by helping to run outreach sessions to inform the public that although banned, fox hunting was very much still happening and by organising leafleting events. I started to see true impact. 

AAf is not just another Facebook group…. it is making a difference and the members have very much become like family for me.

 Carolyn Bloor

AAF Cheshire Group Leader.

Angie says:

Being part of AAF has really made a difference to me. I used to feel like no matter how I tried I wasn’t getting very far in my quest to end illegal foxhunting. Since joining AAF I’ve got the help and support I needed from like minded friendly people. There’s always someone around if I need advice or I just need to vent a little!! I recently went to the march in London against Cub Hunting. I went alone but knew members of AAF would be there. I’d never met any of them before but I was made to feel so welcome by everyone. I’m no longer alone in my quest I’m part of army. I know they’ve got my back!!

Bev says:

Can’t remember how I found AAF but so glad I did. I ve found a group that’s informed strategic and focused. The AAF family inspire me and give me a platform to drive my activism against Fox hunting.  I’m in Sussex and we ve done so much already a Honk campaign daily leafleting, outreach stalls lobbying my MP, Speakers Corner, Cubbing March London, it goes on. Together we will see an end to this barbaric evil practice. 

We need everyone from all walks of life to find their own particular voice and take a stand 

A warm welcome guaranteed and lots of hard work x