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The Badger culls, assessed as “Ineffective and inhumane” by a DEFRA appointed expert panel, have needlessly and cruelly killed over 108,000 innocent Badgers. Already dumbed down and under reported, last March the government disingenuously announced an end to badger culling despite planning a continuation of the cull in old and new areas. We need your help to raise awareness about this huge wildlife crime. We have two resources on offer.



We have designed these splendid  A6-sized glossy waterproof stickers and we need to get them stuck in as many public places as we can. Email Lulu REFERENCE: BADGER STICKERS at

to order. Please make sure we can see your address. A  £4.00 donation covers the cost and postage for 40 stickers. If you’d like to order more, please give the quantities in your email. 

You can donate via Bank Transfer or by PayPal

Here is the PayPal link:

or PayPal to

Or bank transfer
Action Against Foxhunting

60 02 05

Getting people involved

We would also like to help people get involved with opposition to the badger cull, by giving details of local badger groups here. If you run a badger group, please email Lulu at the address above, with details about how people can get in touch with you and we will publish them here. They are in alphabetical order.

Badger Action Network

Badger Land

Badger Trust


Bath Against The Badger Cull


Cheshire Against the Cull

Facebook :

Twitter :

Email :


Gloucester Against the Badger Cull

Gloucestershire badger office emergency number, 07709624903


 Hunt Sabs Association

South Hams Oppose the Cull