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This is the complaint that AAF sent to the BBC today. It is accusing the BBC of bias because pro hunting groups were represented at the Countryfile show in Blenheim and anti hunting groups weren’t. AAF volunteers did go, and they handed out leaflets, but they were not invited.
Hunting is a controversial issue and has two sides to it. The pro hunters, blatantly disregarding the Hunting Act, are represented by the Countryside Alliance. Opposition to hunting is represented by League Against Cruel Sports and many smaller groups, including Action Against Foxhunting. CA was invited to Countryfile at Blenheim and the CEO was interviewed. No anti hunting group was featured.

AAF was there, giving out leaflets, but they weren’t invited, nor interviewed. In fact, AAF felt that they were not at all welcome by the organisers – even though the majority of visitors they spoke to were supportive of AAF. The vast majority of the people in this country oppose fox hunting. Countryfile is only representing pro hunters.

Outside the BBC, anti hunting groups are being bullied, dismissed, marginalised, laughed at and assaulted – even though they are legally in the right. They are also morally in the right as it is WITHOUT ANY SHADOW OF A DOUBT, wrong to kill a living creature by tearing it apart. By failing to represent the anti hunting lobby, the BBC is reinforcing the current state of play where one side is allowed to speak up and the other isn’t. Pro hunters are happy for this to remain as it is so very much in their favour. Everybody knows that the hunts are hunting foxes and that trail hunting is a lie. There is a mountain of evidence proving this. If they weren’t hunting foxes, then LACS, AAF and many others wouldn’t be so active in opposing them.

The BBC must allow both sides to have a say. It is always astonishing that pro hunters are allowed a say at all, given that they are acting illegally. If the BBC made a programme where burglars were allowed to say how much fun they had breaking into houses, then there would be outrage. To even things up, either AAF or LACS should now be invited to Countryfile to put their side of the case.

Additionally – now that we know hounds carry bTB and other parasites, why were children being allowed to pet them?

Pip Donovan, Action Against Foxhunting.