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Fox hunts use Boxing Day Meets and New Year’s Day Meets as an opportunity to claim that a large number of people support them. Some of the people who go along to watch the horses and the hounds are just locals, looking for something to do in the holidays. Is that you? Do you really want to support them? Please don’t be fooled.

The hunts are NOT TRAIL HUNTING. They are FOX HUNTING. We have plenty of images and video to show you what a fox looks like after he has been torn apart by hounds, but we won’t put them here. You wouldn’t like to see it. And you certainly wouldn’t want to see what your hunt goes on to do after they have swept out of your town on Boxing Day or New Year’s Day, either.  

If you don’t believe us, then look at this recent judgement made in Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 15th October 2021. This was the trial of Mike Hankinson, a director of the Master of the Foxhounds Association. He was responsible for overseeing and implementing policy for ALL HUNTS. Their policy was to pretend to be trail hunting, when they are in fact foxhunting. Click here to see what the judge said. Trail hunting, he said, IS foxhunting.

If want to go and protest instead of supporting them, please email us for advice: