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MONITOR THE MEETS – keeping quiet and collecting the evidence.

Please see below for list of meets. 

Many people have been complaining to their local councils about the hunts’ Boxing Day and New Year’s Day Meets. However, these complaints would have been much more straightforward if there had been  evidence to show to the council from last year’s public meets. Our advice is to collect the evidence this year, and use it to stop them next year. This is what to do:

Go along to the meet, taking a video camera (your phone will do). Your mission is to collect evidence and NOT TO PROTEST, so keep a low profile and avoid any confrontation.  Get there early, so you are in a good postition to take photos and video. Don’t miss anything. Keep your video camera running the whole time, if you can. This is what you need to look for:

1) Anybody with a collecting bucket. It is against the law to collect in the street without a licence. If you can, get a photo of someone putting money in the bucket. Make sure you have a clear image of the person holding the bucket.

2) When the horses and hounds arrive, watch for faeces on the road. Take a photo of the animal producing the poo, and then watch to see if any of the hunt staff clear it up and how long it takes them to do it, if at all. 

3) Watch for interaction between traffic and the hunt. If there are any incidents when a driver has to put on his/her brakes suddenly, make a note of it, and take a picture (if you’re quick enough)

4) If any hunt member deliberately holds up the traffic to allow horses/hounds etc, take a photo/video. This is against the law. Only police can stop traffic. 

5) Look for anything that might be a health and safety hazard. Even if you’re not sure, take a photo or video anyway.

6) Listen for any admission to illegal hunting and take evidence.

7) When they have gone, take photos/video of whatever they’ve left on the ground.


Save all your photos and video somewhere safe. Then – send it to the local and district council with a complaint. REMEMBER – KEEP QUIET AND COLLECT THE EVIDENCE. 

ORGANISING A PROTEST –  not as difficult as you may think.

See below for list of meets.

Organising a protest at a Boxing Day Meet or New Year’s Day Meet is a daunting, but very satisfying experience. The ones that really need protesting are the ones held in the middle of towns, in public. Everyone has a right to protest, and we are no exception. If your protest doesn’t involve a march or a sit-down protest, you don’t have to tell the police about it. However, we STRONGLY SUGGEST that you do tell the police, and confirm with them that there will be a police presence on the day. If you are standing on public ground, you don’t need permission from anybody. It is usually pretty obvious where public land is – but if you are in any doubt, click  HERE to look it up. “If you are on Facebook, you can “Create an Event, for your protest. However, “creating an event” on your personal page is probably not wise. But – all is not lost because anybody can create a GROUP PAGE  on Facebook,  and you could create one just for this event. Make sure you aren’t visible as an admin, though. (That is easy to do – check on Facebook Help).

Check the exact location of the meet. Most meets are at 11am. You need to be there by 10.30 at the latest.

The next thing you need is people to join you on the protest. Post your event everywhere you can think of: local hunt saboteur pages; local vegan pages; local animal rights pages; environmental pages. People will respond. Send your event to info@actionactionagainstfoxhunting  We will add it to our list and publish it on our page. Our FB audience is so responsive. 

These events are always better if they are non-confrontational. It is tempting to shout abuse etc at the hunt, but generally speaking, it doesn’t help. Just be cool and determined and say everything you want to say with a banner. Even if only a handful of people turn up this time, you will have made a point. Next year, there will be more. 

We have lots of resources for you to use. If you can, do some leafleting in the area first. Look at this link for leaflets and banners 

Boxing Day Resources 



Click HERE  for a list of events. This is not an exhaustive list – there will be others and this list is being updated.  (Many apologies for taking you to the Countryside Alliance’s website).

Click HERE to find out which of these meets is being protested. This list will also be updated regularly.