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Gatton Manor Hotel hosts Surrey Union Hunt

Email to sent to Gatton Manor Hotel to express disgust at their decision to host the Surrey Union Fox Hunt.

Please copy and paste email address and letter.


Tel: 01306 627555
Fax: 01306 627713

To whom it may concern,

I am aware that on Wednesday 11th March 2019, you chose to host the Surrey Union fox hunt.

This comes as a great surprise to me, that a luxury, modern establishment such as yourselves have chosen to associate yourselves with such a cruel and outdated ‘sport’.

The Surrey Union were witnessed killing a beautiful young fox in December (video footage available if you would like evidence of this), therefore we all know they can not be trusted to hunt within the law. Every week, this hunt takes its hounds to decimate and brutally kill our wildlife – they are very rarely seen to lay a proper and successful ‘trail’.

After the Union met at your hotel on Wednesday, they then went on to hunt in the surrounding areas. They caught a scent and deliberately hunted two foxes, which were seen to safety by a few Hunt Monitors.

I would like to know whether you intend on hosting the Surrey Union at the Gatton Manor Hotel again. Or, with the knowledge above and knowing the public’s hate for fox hunting coupled with the Union’s inability to hunt within the law, you would not host them again.

Please do not reply saying that the Union is a lawful trail hunt. They are not, and there is footage available to prove this.

It would be a huge step forward and a positive stance for Gatton Manor to say that you will not support fox hunting and represent the public you seek to serve, rather than the few that seek to keep this barbaric pastime alive.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,