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We did our first outreach in Castle Cary on 8 June 2021. Castle Cary, venue for the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt’s Boxing Day meet , against which we campaigned relentlessly in 2019, with a petition to the Town Council raising over 100 000 signatures and much media attention. We were, of course, ignored, and the meet went ahead anyway. Undeterred, we have returned and will keep returning until the Town Council listens to us. Pro hunters seem to think that Castle Cary is a strong hold for hunting, but judging by our reception yesterday, that is simply not true. Most Cary residents hate the hunt.
One pro, however, did stop to speak to us. Here she is, talking to Pip and explaining why she supports the hunt. She did not acknowledge that it is illegal to hunt foxes.

How to talk to a pro

by Pip - Castle Cary 8/06/2021