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With the new law limiting groups of people to six (except in specified circumstances, like school), hunts are making plans to continue cubhunting. They are trying to convince everyone that they are just the sort of group that should be an exemption. They are, however, stretching the guidance to the very limit. A challenge for other groups, but not so much for them as they have corrupt friends in powerful places. So, we must stop them.

What can we do about it?

Three things:

  • Sign this petition by Keep the Ban

  • Learn more about why hunts SHOULD NOT be an exemption, by reading this template letter from Fox Hunting Evidence. You can also send the letter to your MP.

  • Read the Hunting Office’s guidance. This is the organisation trying to find a way to continue hunting, despite the new rules. Note – they started off by saying they’d just keep on going out regardless of the new limit. Then they realised that that was probably a stupid thing to do, so they have decided to separate into groups of six for the time being, while waiting for further guidance. Here is the link 

UPDATE. – here is another link from HuffPost, showing the lengths the hunters and shooters go to, to get themselves exempted from the rule of 6. It seems that shooting and hunting with guns is exempt, but “trail hunting” isn’t.

Here is a link to the actual legislation, which, it appears was waiting for input from the hunting and shooting lobby before it was finalilsed. We all had to WAIT FOR THEM.