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what AAF can do to help.

We feel responsibe for every fox killed by the hunt. While there is nothing we can do for the poor fox, we can make sure that everyone local to the kill knows. At AAF, we have a special A6 leaflet called “There has been a kill in your area”. It is customised with the date of the kill and the name of the hunt. We can customise the card before sending it to you. 

 When we leafleted our local area with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale’s kill, we spoke to several locals. They had seen the hunt around on that day, but didn’t know they had killed. They were appalled. By naming and shaming the hunt, what we are doing is bringing it to the attention of the locals and hopefully getting them to talk about it openly. The hunt really don’t want this to happen; they would much prefer it if we just stay quiet and let them get on with it.

If you’d like leaflets to deliver door to door (or pin them up wherever you can) please contact us at

A donation of £5 for 250 customised leaflets would be helpful, but it isn’t necessary. Here are the payment details

Action Against Foxhunting
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make it “friends and family”.
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