AAF wants to expose the truth about foxhunting. We need to reach as many people as possible and leafleting is an effective way of doing this. Everybody needs a leaflet through their door: people who don’t know it goes on; people who do know it goes on but hesitate to talk about it and of course, the pro hunters. They need to know we’re out there, telling the truth.

Leafleting is a really good way of getting involved with AAF. You can either download and print our leaflets yourself, or you can order some from us.

It’s good exercise too. Go with a friend and you’ll have some fun. We do.

We can send you some the leaflets in return for a donation, or download them for free and print them yourself. Click on the image to download the pdf.


Please email Pip on info@actionagainstfoxhunting.org, or send us a message through our Facebook page. A donation for the cost of the leaflets + postage would be much appreciated. See “Donations for Leaflets” below. 

Any questions? Please just ask. 


Double-sided A6 leaflet (postcard sized) for delivery in areas where there is a Boxing Day meet. 

Postcard for to deliver in areas where the hunt has caused a nuisance.

Two-sided A5 leaflet informing people that foxhunting still goes on and asking them to join AAF. 



A6 leaflet for delivery in areas where the hunt has killed. There is a place on the front of the leaflet to write the name of the hunt and the date. Can also send a word doc which you can use to print the words on the leaflet. 

 A6 postcard, to deliver from end of May onwards. To draw attention to cubbing, which will start in August.

A5 leaflet for farmers. Not kept in stock, but can be ordered specially in packs of 50. 

This poster is aimed at people who go along to watch the hunt meet on Boxing Day. The Qr code at the bottom links to the video of the vixen’s death at the hands of the Eggesford Hunt on Boxing Day 2018. You can click on it and download it to print it for yourself. To read the story of what happened to the fox, click HERE