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Meeting between AAF and the “Trail Hunting” Team –  click HERE to read what happened. Read on for the story behind it.

AAF and other anti-hunting organisations (Stop Hunting on the Nation’s Land, Hounds Off and the League Against Cruel Sports) have been concerning ourselves with the National Trust (NT). The main issue is this: The NT grants licences to hunts to “trail hunt’ on NT land. As “trail hunting” really means “hunting wild mammals with dogs” and it is both cruel and illegal, we all object to this use of the land. For some reason, despite all evidence to the contrary (and there is plenty of it), and despite a huge amount of criticism from the public and serious damage to their reputation, the NT still appears to think that they can continue to allow “trail hunting” on its land because, they say, it is “harmless”. Of course it isn’t; we all know that.

In Sept 2018, the NT set up a “Trail Hunting Team’ to monitor hunting on NT land. Nick Droy was appointed to manage it. 

For most of last year, we (and many others) contacted the NT, asking them to explain themselves. The NT sent the same reply to everyone: “To be clear,” they said, “the National Trust does not allow illegal hunting…” When we replied, “but you DO…” the NT refused to answer. Many people’s email addresses were blocked and many people were blocked on the NT’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

As the NT just WOULD NOT ENGAGE with us, AAF showed up in Swindon – where the NT has their head office – and displaying our dedicated NT banner, we told the public exactly what was really going on. On one occasion, we took a video outside their office, explaining “Trail Hunting”. We also delivered an original picture (see below) clearly describing how Trail Hunting = Hunting wild mammals with dogs. To see the video, click HERE.

Finally, after one of our volunteers wrote to the NT asking for a meeting, they actually agreed to see us. Six of us met Nick Droy and Verity Burke, from the NT’s “Trail Hunting Management Team”.

Click HERE to read our notes from the meeting. We took meticulous notes (clarifying where necessary) and everything  is completely accurate. They are difficult to read on a phone, so we suggest you download them.

Click HERE to read the NT’s own review of the “Trail Hunting Team’s year”