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Today, AAF had a meeting booked with the National Trust, but they cancelled it 45 minutes before it was due to start. We think that it was because of the leaked Webinar in which high level members of the Hunting Office were heard and seen training 100+ hunt masters on how to deceive the police by laying fake trails. The National Trust has been allowing hunting on their land for years and despite the fact that we (and many others) told them that “trail hunting” was a lie, they continued to allow it.

The National Trust have a real opportunity to do the right thing and withdraw all licences now and forever. The Hunting Office described “trail hunting” as a “smokescreen”. This has wider implications than just the National Trust – it is about setting an example that other landowners should follow.

We care about illegal foxhunting very much indeed but the crimes you see going on in the webinar are far, far more serious – in the eyes of the law – than the summary offence of foxhunting.

Please email the National Trust and ask them to do the right thing. Here is a template letter. The email addresses is 


Dear Ms McGrady

The “trail hunting” deception has reached a turning point.

With the release of the secretly-recorded Hunting Office’s webinar in which high-ranking hunt officials are heard and seen to train over 100 hunt masters to use trail hunting as a “smokescreen” (their own words) with the deliberate intention of concealing illegal fox hunting, the National Trust has been given an opportunity to detach itself permanently from the controversy.

For too long, the National Trust has suffered so badly from this controversy and for too long, the Trust has put its own reputation on the line for the hunts. The offence that Lord Mancroft and the other speakers can now be accused of is far, far more serious than foxhunting –   Ss 44 – 46 of the Serious Crime Act 2007 – inchoate offences. The maximum sentence is life.

It is a breach of the Hunting Act to allow illegal hunting on your land. You cannot say you don’t know what they are up to now. 

The National Trust has two choices:

Either issue a statement cancelling all “trail hunting” licences for the foreseeable future, at least until the outcome of the police investigation is published.

Or, fail to take action, continue to allow the “smokescreen” of trail hunting to take place on your land and inevitably be dragged into same the pit as the hunters. 

We are sure you will make the right decision.

Relevant links are below.

Yours sincerely