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Boxing Day Meets on Public Land

All over the country, the hunts are gearing up for their Boxing Day Meets. They like to think that it shows how much support they have among ordinary people. Some meet in privately owned places; others, however, meet on COUNCIL LAND – open to the public. If any of us wanted to hold a public event on public land, we would have to get permission; fill in risk assessments etc etc. It seems that the hunts bypass all of this and just do it. They can’t. It is time we challenged them. Most importantly: NOBODY IS EXEMPT FROM HEALTH AND SAFETY. H&S can shut down the whole thing in minutes.
The people of Grantham successfully challenged their council; let us all do the same. Thank you to them – the questions in our email (below) are taken directly from them.
Let us all now ask the councils these key questions. Follow the steps below. Be like Grantham!

Step One

Find out whether your local hunt is meeting on council land on Boxing Day – use the map on this website:

If you can’t find one, email the council anyway – not all the meets are on there.

Step Two

Ring your local council and ask for the correct email address for whoever deals with public events such as this. If they say that Hunts don’t need a licence, DON’T LEAVE IT THERE.

Step Three

Send this email to the correct person. Just copy and paste.

Dear _____


As a local resident, I am very concerned about the ____ Hunt’s Boxing Day Meet in _____


Please answer the following questions.

Has the event organiser completed an events application pack?

Has a competent person completed a risk assessment?

Has the event organiser obtained legal permission to close any roads?

Does the event organiser have a street collection licence?

Is the event organiser using council equipment to close the roads?

If so, do they have the correct permission and who is paying for the equipment hire?

Who is cleaning up after the event, and who is paying for the clean up?

If the hunt has a exemption to the usual requirements for holding public events, please would you let me know exactly where the exemption is specified. If the hunt has no specific exemption, then it is subject to the usual procedures and licensing requirements. Nobody is exempt from Health and Safety. If the answers to these questions are unsatisfactory, then the event must be cancelled. Tetbury Town Council has cancelled their meet and Grantham’s Mayor will no longer be welcoming their local hunt.

Yours sincerely