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We don’t want to upset anyone, so we have put this page here, to stop you clicking on the graphic image by accident.

It is the most powerful picture we have ever seen. The hunts like to discredit sabs – casting doubt on their sincerity, their employment status, their education and even whether they wash regularly. This sab’s sincerity cannot be thrown into any doubt at all. Her employment status, education etc are also beyond criticism. We can say that because we know her very well indeed. And as for the poor fox – she was just going about her normal business, when the hounds attacked her and tore her apart. The sab picked her up because she had a desperate urge to give the little fox some warmth and compassion – even though it was too late.

To see the image, click here.

If you want to help, have a good look around this webpage and then contact us. We are not a sab group; we campaign and educate. Everyone can do something to help. We are waiting to hear from you.

Pip Donovan