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Name of Organisation

Action Against Foxhunting

Type of Organisation

Not for profit unincorporated association


  • To expose the tradition of violence against foxes

  • To educate the public, of all ages, about foxhunting, showing what really happens at a foxhunt.

  • To be open, transparent and clear about our purpose

  • To campaign to strengthen the Hunting with Dogs Act 2004.

  • Not to promote, support or encourage conflict, violence or unlawful activities in any way.

Carrying out the purposes

  • To run outreach projects (eg market stalls), using educational resources and information leaflets.

  • To do anything that is lawful and necessary to achieve the purpose of the AAF

  • To co operate with and support other organisations with similar purposes

  • To raise funds and receive donations

  • To apply the funds to carry out the work of AAF

Money and Property

  • Money and property must only be used for the AAF’s purposes

  • AAF will keep accounts

  • Money must be kept in AAF’s bank account