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During the episode of The Archers broadcast on Wednesday September 12th 2018, Shula Archer says she is going Autumn Hunting. She mentions that she is taking the “young hounds” out. We, at AAF, have a problem with this. The BBC is showing their support for fox hunting because we know that Shula Archer is actually going cub hunting to train her young hounds to kill. This is where the hunt goes to a copse where they know a fox family is living. They surround the copse, making a terrifying noise to keep the fox cubs inside. They then send in the young hounds to slaughter the cubs. Not only is this brutal, but it is illegal and widespread. By calling it Autumn Hunting, the hunts are trying to hide what they actually do, and the BBC is supporting this.

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At the beginning of the episode, Shula says she is going “Autumn Hunting” with the new hounds. The term “Autumn Hunting” is a euphemism – made up in the last few years – and what Shula really means is cub hunting, or cubbing. This is where the hunt surrounds a copse where they know a family of foxes is living. The hunters make a terrifying noise by slapping their saddles etc in order to keep the cubs inside the copse. Then they send in the hounds and they rip the cubs apart. This is to train their young hounds to kill foxes. Cub hunting is illegal and it is widespread. There is a mountain of evidence on line showing that this is happening all over the country now. The BBC is once again, showing itself to be pro-hunting. What you are doing is reinforcing the new and deceitful term “Autumn Hunting” in order to fool your listeners into thinking that this is a lovely, peaceful activity; It isn’t. It’s a mission of slaughter. You also want your listeners to accept the term and the illegal activity as commonplace. Hunting is a controversial issue, but the BBC is not showing any alternative views here. And, by “alternative views”, I don’t just mean that you include hunt saboteurs. I mean that you also include educational groups like Action Against Foxhunting (AAF) whose mission is to expose the extent and brutality of illegal foxhunting to the public. Later on in the same episode, Shula says to the local policeman (of her nephew’s arrest),”You saw something illegal and you did your job.” Shula is showing respect for one law, but not for the Hunting Ban.

Complaint b)
It was with jaw dropping incredulity that I listened to the episode of the Archers, broadcast 12 September.

Autumn hunting, also known as cubbing or cub hunting is not only illegal, but quite simply barbaric. The blooding in of hounds by ripping apart fox cubs portrayed as a relaxing pastime akin to yoga, beggars belief.

Has the BBC’s moral compass failed to such an extent that it can no longer determine legal from illegal and barbarism from a transcendental state.

I would ask that you redress the balance in future episodes, explaining exactly what cub hunting is, and how the practice is not only illegal, but abhorrent to the vast majority of the population.