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The police and foxhunting

Foxhunting is a CRIME, not an opinion.

Counting the Crimes and Counting the Crimes 2


The relationship between the police and anti-foxhunting groups is not an easy one. In 2019, AAF decided to look closely at rural forces in England, their attitude to illegal foxhunting, their  willingness and ability to tackle it.

We did this with an entirely open mind.

The 2019/2020 season was abnormal, but we did manage to collect a significant number of incidents involving the police, and anti-hunting individuals and groups. Turning these into “Case Studies” and were able to find patterns and draw conclusions and put them in an evidenced report called Counting the Crimes (CTC).

CTC was published in Autumn 2020. Then, within a few weeks of its publication, the Hunting Office webinar was exposed, which as we all know, changed everything. A number of police forces read our report and seized the opportunity to engage with us in online meetings. Other police forces completely ignored us. We also began an interesting dialogue with the NPCC (National Police Chiefs Council).

When the 2020 fox hunting season started, we concluded that we probably should write a follow up report, so we began to plan Counting the Crimes 2. This report was even more detailed, and included individual reports on 34 rural forces, some of which had engaged with us and some of which hadn’t. We published this report in Autumn 2021.

But, did our hard work make any difference? We hope so.

There is absolutely no doubt at all that the policing of foxhunting is changing. After the webinar, police could no longer turn a blind eye to the mass criminality amongst the hunts. Resources are still stretched and animals will never be prioritised over humans. BUT many forces are now looking very hard indeed at the hunts in their own counties and finally, they are seeing and acting on the reality that is illegal fox hunting.

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