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Action Against Foxhunting’s aim is simple: it is to END FOXHUNTING FOREVER by exposing the extent and brutality of illegal foxhunting to the public.  We deliver leaflets door- to-door, hold public outreach events, start high-profile campaigns, run petitions and surveys. But we don’t stop there. People and groups come to us with their own ideas, and we do everything we can to support and help them. We are always looking for new, active members.

Whether you are new to anti bloodsports activity, or you have been involved for a while, AAF probably has something to offer you. If you think you don’t know enough about foxhunting, we offer training

We are a peaceful, non-confrontational group, with strict rules for behaviour. Click HERE to read our Members’ Charter. 

AAF is all about empowering people in all areas to take a stand against foxhunting.

How much time you spend doing it is up to you. If you are worried time and commitment read this blog. 

Please scroll down and see what we can do for you. 



We have a wide range of leaflets available. Ask us and we’ll send them to you. They are suitable for both door-to-door delivery and for use on outreach stalls. We also have stickers. Click HERE and have a browse of our leaflets.


Many of our local groups hold outreach stalls in towns and cities. This is an opportunity to talk to the public about foxhunting and answer any questions they may have. Click HERE to find the group nearest to you and contact the coordinator. As a member of our Closed Facebook Group,  you’ll see all the events we have lined up. You are welcome at any of them. If you feel you don’t know enough about foxhunting, don’t worry. Generally speaking, the public ask the same questions. Click HERE, and listen to this radio broadcast, where Pip answered all the usual questions.


With actual written signatures. There are many online petitions, but not so many  paper ones. MPs are impressed by them because someone has actually taken the trouble to go out and collect signatures from people in the street. it is easy and effective. Click HERE to find the peition and instructions about how to go about doing it. 

And don’t hesitate because your MP is known to be pro hunt. They still need to know the strength of feeling among their consitiuents. 

We are currently running two surveys. One to find out how many rural people support foxhunting, and another to find out how many local people attended their Boxing Day or New Year’s Day meet. Click here for details 


When we started AAF (at the end of 2017), we wanted to give a voice to everybody who opposes hunting, no matter where they live. Speaking out against hunting when you live near a hunt isn’t easy. But, hunts like to give the impression that they are popular with the general public, and we know for a fact that they aren’t. We know this because we have asked the general public ourselves. If you want to start a local campaign but would prefer to remain anonymous – ask us for help. Leafleting your own area could bring out the opponents to hunting; chances are, you’ll find more support than you’d think. In fact, eight out of ten people support you already. Whatever your needs, ask us for help.

We also have an AAF Landowners, Tenants and Residents Facebook group for people who are troubled by the hunt where they live. Click here for the link.



We really want to support and advertise local anti-foxhunting groups, if they run outreach, petitions, demos or leafleting. We would like to add more local groups to our website. Then, when someone new joins AAF and they are from that area, we can point them in the group’s direction.  All we ask is that the someone from the local group joins our closed page for active volunteers on Facebook. (see below for the link). We also need the group to sign up to our Members Charter – which essentially means that you’ll abide by non-confrontational, non-violent, and polite image. Click HERE to read the charter.

If you are thinking of setting up a local group, please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to help you.


These are many and varied. We detest the hunts’ public Boxing Day and New Year’s Day Meets. We have run our own local campaigns (Keswick, Lewes, St Ives, Blandford, Castle Cary) and have advertised many others. Click HERE to find out how to start a campaign in your area (NB – this page is a work in progress). We objected strongly to the National Trust allowing hunting on their land and the result – that the NT will no longer issue “trail hunting” licences to hunts – was truly satisfying. We even started a campaign against The Archers, when Shule announced she was going “Autumn Hunting” which got us into the Daily Telegraph. If you have a campaign in mind, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.


Our closed Facebook group is the best way to keep in touch. You can see all the events we are organising in various areas, and you can create an event yourself. We check everybody out very carefully though before allowing them in the group. Click HERE for the link. 

CONTACT PIP ON for more details